How To Replace a Canon MG2520 Ink Cartridge?

How to replace a Canon MG2520 ink cartridge_.png

When it is the time to replace Canon MG2520 ink cartridges, it requires the right installation for making the printer work. It is imperative to change the ink cartridge in the right way for avoiding any possible printer problems.

Canon MG2520 Ink Cartridges

Canon MG2520 Ink requires the use of PG245 black ink cartridge available in a high yield of 300 sheets and standard yields of 180 sheets. The colour inks of the CL246 include the tri-colour cartridge with a high yield of 300 sheets. The inbuilt mechanical printhead is present on the cartridge in place of the printers. That is why these need to be handled carefully.

Changing the ink cartridge

The various steps for changing the Canon MG2520 ink cartridges include:

  • Open the front cover of the printer. One must then look into the ink cartridge compartment.
  • The empty ink cartridges are removed by pushing the same down the cartridge lever until it clicks.
  • Remove the protective seal from the new replacement ink cartridge. The cartridge should not be left unsealed as it would cause the ink to dry.
  • The new cartridge is inserted followed by lifting the cartridge lever till locks into position.
  • Repeat the procedure with the other cartridge if it also requires replacing.
  • Now close the cover lid and run the test print.

Precautions to exercise

It is imperative to give extra attention to the printhead as it causes damage to the cartridge and may be unreadable to the user. For this, one needs to exercise certain precautions including:

  • One must not touch the various printhead nozzle or electrical parts of the cartridge. Take care not to make a contact with bare hands or hit on other hard surfaces.
  • The printer should not be left open and must be emptied of the cartridges. It can lead to drying up the nozzles causing the ink to clog.
  • One should not stop or hold the cartridge while it is printing. Doing so can lead to the damage to the cartridge and the printer.

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