How To Choose The Right Kind of Cartridges


Counting on the ongoing expenses of a business, printer supplies are also on the list along with the expenses of travel, client meetings, software updates and more. And the expenses related to printer supplies mainly depend on the printing requirements of a business.

Talking about the ink cartridges, no doubt you can refill them a few times but there arrives the time when you need to replace them. It is really a daunting task as choosing from a myriad of cartridges provided by different suppliers and for different printers is not easy.

However, to help you navigate the puzzling world of printer cartridges and choose the right one for your printer, here we have mentioned a few tips.

  • Check the printer compatibility

All the cartridges are not created equal; different printers need different types of cartridges. So, the foremost thing you need to check is if the cartridge is compatible with your printer or not.

  • Choose between the XL and standard cartridges

It totally depends on your printing needs that which cartridge will serve your purpose better. For instance, you should opt for XL cartridge if you are into high-volume printing. It will not only cut your printing costs in the long run but will also save your time. And if you need a cartridge just for printing plain text that does not contain any photo, a standard cartridge will serve your purpose better.

  • Save on expenses with recycled ink cartridges

The recycled cartridges will not only let you save money but will also make you contribute towards the earth and the environment. The recycled ink costs about 50-80% less than other cartridges. And when it comes to quality, the recycled ink cartridges often offer the same quality and use fewer pages.

  • Look for manufacturer’s warranty

Warranty is the factor that will let you get surety about the quality of ink cartridge before you use it. So, look for the printer cartridges that come with the warranty and ensure to take the warranty card at the time of purchase.

Last but not least, you should always make your purchase from a trusted and reputed store selling all kinds of printer supplies.


Difference Between Original and Compatible Canon MX490 Ink

Difference between Original and Compatible Canon MX490 InkMost of the shoppers have a limited extent of knowledge about the original or genuine cartridges. All that is known is that ‘original cartridges are expensive’ and the ‘compatible cartridges harm my printer’. However, there is much more than this that one requires knowing for finding out the difference between original and compatible Canon MX490 Ink.

An original Canon MX490 ink cartridge is the one manufactured by Canon for a Canon printer. On the other hand, the third party cartridge or the compatible cartridge has been manufactured by a third party or a different company for the same printer.

What you need to know is that compatible can be just as dependable as the original cartridges. And as long as one shops from a reputable supplier, it can be the best way of saving money on printing while getting the same print quality and the performance of the printer.

If you find compatible cartridges with excellent ratings and reviews from their existing users, you can be pretty sure to get good results from these and ensure that your printer is safe with their use.

Some facts to know

If it is true that there is not much difference in the quality of the original cartridge and the compatible cartridge, then you may wonder why there is such a wide price difference in the genuine and the compatible ink cartridges.

This is simple to understand on reading further. The original or OEM or genuine cartridges include the profit of the manufacturer. Due to the research and development in bringing up the cartridge ink, the manufacturers price it so that all the costs get recovered alongside the profit.

This leads to high consumer prices on these products. On the flip side, the compatible cartridges do not involve any such overhead charges. Thus, one can buy these at quite lower cost when this has been produced en-masse.

However, one should be cautious about buying sub-standard compatible ink cartridges. One should buy just from reputable websites that have a fair return and exchange policy and guarantees on their products.

One point to know is that a cartridge may break a printer in very few instances. The legitimate supplier would give you a guarantee on the printer’s performance in case of cartridge failure. You can find out more about the difference between original and compatible Canon MX490 Ink and a reputable supplier for Canon MX490 ink by visiting

How To Replace a Canon MG2520 Ink Cartridge?

How to replace a Canon MG2520 ink cartridge_.png

When it is the time to replace Canon MG2520 ink cartridges, it requires the right installation for making the printer work. It is imperative to change the ink cartridge in the right way for avoiding any possible printer problems.

Canon MG2520 Ink Cartridges

Canon MG2520 Ink requires the use of PG245 black ink cartridge available in a high yield of 300 sheets and standard yields of 180 sheets. The colour inks of the CL246 include the tri-colour cartridge with a high yield of 300 sheets. The inbuilt mechanical printhead is present on the cartridge in place of the printers. That is why these need to be handled carefully.

Changing the ink cartridge

The various steps for changing the Canon MG2520 ink cartridges include:

  • Open the front cover of the printer. One must then look into the ink cartridge compartment.
  • The empty ink cartridges are removed by pushing the same down the cartridge lever until it clicks.
  • Remove the protective seal from the new replacement ink cartridge. The cartridge should not be left unsealed as it would cause the ink to dry.
  • The new cartridge is inserted followed by lifting the cartridge lever till locks into position.
  • Repeat the procedure with the other cartridge if it also requires replacing.
  • Now close the cover lid and run the test print.

Precautions to exercise

It is imperative to give extra attention to the printhead as it causes damage to the cartridge and may be unreadable to the user. For this, one needs to exercise certain precautions including:

  • One must not touch the various printhead nozzle or electrical parts of the cartridge. Take care not to make a contact with bare hands or hit on other hard surfaces.
  • The printer should not be left open and must be emptied of the cartridges. It can lead to drying up the nozzles causing the ink to clog.
  • One should not stop or hold the cartridge while it is printing. Doing so can lead to the damage to the cartridge and the printer.

You can find Canon MG2520 ink cartridges and various other inks for different printers at reasonable rates by visiting Ink Plus Toner.

Top 4 Reasons Why You Need a Printer


In this high tech world, one can’t imagine their life without a computer. Well, that’s true. A computer has become a necessity of our daily life. Almost all of our work and other stuff is related to technology in some or the other way.

Well, getting things out of your computer is no longer a dream. With the help of a printer, you can easily get your important stuff printed out from your computer. Years ago, it may seem an illusion, but in today’s high paced world, it’s just a matter of day to day life.

A printer can definitely prove out to be highly beneficial for school going kids for their homework, college teens for their assignments and adults for their official work.

Furthermore, printer supplies such as HP 63 Ink or any other equipment are easily available in the market

Here in this guide, we will be discussing some of the reasons why you need a printer:

1.Efficient work-flow

Modern printers work efficiently as they offer quick performance. Being highly useful and efficient, it has proved out to be helpful in all work sectors.

2.High quality

Now you don’t have to worry about your print being of good quality. With the evolution of latest technology printers, there has been a drastic increase in the quality of the printed material.

3.Large volume printing

Printers can print huge volume as per our needs and desire. You can get your entire book printed within the required time.


Printers are user-friendly and anyone can use and get their stuff printed with just some instructions. You just need to follow an instructional manual and proceed accordingly.

Well, if you’re searching for a renowned store that can offer you with reliable HP printer supplies like HP 63 Ink or any other equipment, then Ink Plus Toner can turn out to be the right choice for you.

Advantages of Using the All-in-One New Canon Cartridges


One can get a superior quality print with the Canon MG2992 ink cartridges compatible with a canon printer. The print cartridges by canon are comprised of all the essential elements with defined life.

Thus, when one replaces the all-in-one cartridge by Canon, the machine becomes as good as a new one. There are so many factors that help one to get high-quality prints when we use the Canon MG2992 ink cartridges.

Quality assurance: Buying the original Canon Pixma cartridges makes sure that you get exceptional performance with using each cartridge. This may not be the case when you use refilled cartridges. This is because the internal components can be fully or partially worn out.

The assembly and the manufacturing of the toner cartridges is a complicated process involving various steps. But the Canon cartridges are produced by a single automated production system with a state-of-art technology. That is why customers can get high-quality cartridges as per expectations.

No unsightly lines: The canon printer is equipped with a photosensitive drum unit. This is one of the most sensitive components for imaging present inside the printer. The use of the Canon MG2922 ink cartridges ensure that the toner does not get accumulated on the fixing roller and the drum.

This is what leads to avoidance of unsightly lines, gray backgrounds and blurring or any kind of damage to the printer, one is ensured of a proper function of the drum unit. So all we get are crisp and finely printed documents each time.

Clean workspace: the exclusive roller charging technology of canon provides ozone-free emissions. The technology does not harm human health and is safe for the environment.  Additionally, the cartridges are more compact because lesser parts are used for making them. The cartridges do not need special treatment for processing.  You can give them for recycling as a part of the normal office waste.

Easy recycling: When you buy Canon MG2992 ink cartridges, you are getting products that are fairly easy to recycle once these are exhausted.

If you are looking for genuine Canon MG2922 Ink cartridges online, you can log onto Ink Plus Toner to find the products of your desire.


Give Life to Your Creations with Epson Printer Ink

Give Life to Your Creations with Epson Printer Ink(2)

Imaging your concepts and photos has never been easier and more detailed than with the introduction of digital printers. Whether one wishes to cherish the moments with all-time favorite photo albums or wants to deliver a message with an upstanding poster or simply wants to give life to his/her intellectual concepts, the series of inkjet printers and toners have been making their wishes come true for more than 50 years now. A picture enthusiast could now give a face to his/her ideas with the commercially available Epson Printer Ink series, Dell toner & printer cartridges, HP & Canon Printers & toners, and many more.

Suitable for Personal Use

Surely it’s a daily routine for one to have a soft copy of their projects, recipe books, and other drafts by their side. For a copy that speaks of quality and authenticity, it is essential to use a printer series that is designed to deliver its natural best. With the ThinkJet series of HP, Stylus series of Epson Printer Ink, or the Pixma series of Canon inks, one can now have instant printouts of their child’s school projects, a scrapbook memoir or simple party invitations. These printer and toner cartridge sets the goal for the professional look in those amateur printing.

Meets The Professional Need

To emerge out as the professional player of the field is a long journey that one traverses through. The printer and toner regime understands the differences of having professional printer sets to that of the regular ones. From printing out the basic homeschool project sheets to the professional blueprints and work templates, the revolutionary ThinkJet & LaserJet series from HP, WorkForce and WorkForcePRO series from Epson Printer Ink, ImageClass & Pixma Series from Canon printers, and many others have proven their worth time and again with the proficiency that outshines all others.

The Photography Series

The professional photographers, architects, fashion and interior designers, etc need to be ready with their plans and presentation for their memorable moments. The digital and laser printer series comes in as the unsung hero of the day for such purposes to deliver that top-notch bitmap imaging which sets itself apart. The ImagePROGRAF series from Canon, DCP & HL toner series from Brother, Stylus Photo series from Epson Printer Ink along with other popular brands have proven their worth of the technology and investment for the most marvelous professional outputs.

Why Printer Supplies Important for any Company?


Printers are highly important devices in any business. It is hard to imagine even the smallest of a business to run without the use of computers and printers every now and then. The need for professionalism and the power of the internet, businesses can’t think of ignoring the use of a good computer and a printing system therein.

Businesses not only require owning such technology but they also must ensure that the use high-quality printers and printer supplies for their routine work. The use of poor quality technology would be clearly visible and it has the potential to let down the image of your business. Read on to know the various reasons why your company requires high-quality printing supplies.

Speed matters: Use of the older printers means you are going to proceed slowly. With the use of the modern laser printer, it is not impossible to manage more than 100 sheets in a minute. Maybe it does not appear serious for businesses with a single printing task.

But, in case of businesses requiring to printing several documents in one go and catering to multiple customers in waiting, the use of modern printers can be a great boon. Businesses relying on others for their printing requirements might need to wait for days or weeks to get their order fulfilled. This means keeping the customers waiting that in turn means a bad impression.

Cost-effective: High-quality printing supplies are more affordable and cost-effective than getting the job done by a third-party. It saves your business from wasting a lot of time and also cuts down the long-term costs.

Having a printer and printer supplies at office means you get a speedy completion of the tasks. Moreover, you can use the charges being paid to the third party in other useful activities of your business.

Better business impression: Irrespective of the size of business, businesses displaying a high degree of professionalism garner a higher degree of trustworthiness from their customers. Handwritten bills or documents having a poor print have the potential to give serious lag to your business.

Businesses that are dealing with the printing of flyers and advertisements attract more customers with faster and high-quality services. The various aspects of the flyers include design, illustration, typeface, types of paper, color type, and other things.

Experts suggest that the appearance and the look of the tickets and invitation determine whether customers prefer to buy these or not. Organizations that are dealing with charity and fund-raising works must have in-house high-quality printer and printer supplies.

Cards that have high-quality printing cast a great first impression on the recipients. Low-quality printing supplies are never conducive to a professional job related to printing.

Some of the most important printer supplies include:

  • A high-quality laser printer
  • Various types of paper
  • Backup primary supplies like toner, ink, and other printer supplies.

One must check from time to time that there are enough of printer supplies and staff members can reach out to these whenever they require.